Truth worth communicating

“Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking.”

 – Stephen Hawking

Our ability to communicate with each other is like a go-kart racer on a race track. There would come a point when the race track would become more difficult by having forks separating two paths. One path would be the easier route, while the other would be the harder. In communicating, we would always be faced with two paths. We may always fall for entering the more difficult path and have many miscommunications, but we should realize that both of these paths are designed to lead to the finish line. We shouldn’t be afraid to communicate our thoughts and ideas as long as we seek the finish line or shall I say, the truth. Through communication, we learn. If one does not communicate, then it would be like a go-kart without an engine as the two routes would face the racer. In this case, the racer would never be able to reach the finish line. Most probably, the only time we should not communicate is when we do not seek the truth.

Parents are our first communicators on how to get to the finish line

The funny thing about communication is that I can easily underestimate it. Growing up, I used to think that the imperfect world I was learning about was caused by too much communication.  There were so many people I knew who were desperate to seek attention. Even the people in the media were sharing ugly curse words or gossip to one another. I later on admitted to myself that this was just my excuse brought about by my fear of communicating my own thoughts to others. From communicating to an audience in a forum to speaking privately to a friend to get to know him better, I surely have had moments when my nerves made me doubt the use of communication. I did not realize that the only way to help make the world a better place would be by communicating. I realized that the only way to avoid miscommunication is by actually communicating, and not by its opposite

How would men build structures and progress in technology if they had not come together as one in early society? How would we ever build relationships if we did not learn to interact with others? How would we progress in our spiritual, cultural, and academic life if we only trusted our thoughts and ideas to ourselves? There truly is power in communication. This led me to choosing to express this topic during the discussion group last Monday. Before the IDG, I searched a couple of viral videos and blogs to help with the presentation. Seeing how these were well-planned and posted in the internet, I realized the influence and impact a message can have to people when the media is used. The viral videos today have a wide range of content from unnecessary gossip channels to touching commercials which spread good messages. It would really be up to our own selves to seek the truth and beauty out of what the media today offers.

Check out the UNIVtube entries for UNIV Asia this year too!

-Raffy,18, BS ECE


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